Access and Security Solutions


Matrix offers an enterprise-grade Access Control Solution for SOHO and SMBs encompassing panels, controllers, readers, and more, providing a comprehensive security infrastructure. With a wide range of user credentials including RFID cards, fingerprint, and mobile, Matrix enables versatile and secure access control. The system utilizes a distributed architecture on Ethernet, CAT6, and PoE+ for seamless connectivity and scalability. Deploying and utilizing the solution is simple, ensuring ease of use for organizations.

Matrix offers comprehensive three-dimensional Access Control policies, enabling precise control over access privileges based on who, where, and when. With its flexible access policies, organizations can customize their security protocols to meet specific requirements. Matrix boasts over 25+ advanced access control features, empowering organizations with comprehensive security capabilities. The web-based configuration eliminates the need for a server PC or additional software, streamlining operations. Furthermore, Matrix’s open integration capabilities enable seamless integration with other systems such as time-attendance, payroll, video surveillance, BMS, and fire alarms, creating a cohesive security ecosystem. Trust Matrix for a professional-grade, user-friendly, and highly adaptable Access Control Solution for midsize and small organizations.

Matrix Access Control solution utilizes PoE+ technology for seamless power supply to panels, controllers, readers, and locks, eliminating the need for separate power supply cabling. With a centralized power supply and UPS, quick installation is ensured, reducing both cost and maintenance efforts.

The system leverages industry-standard infrastructure, ensuring compatibility and ease of integration. Experience higher uptime and reliability with Matrix’s efficient power management solution, enabling organizations to focus on their core operations without disruptions.

In today’s landscape of critical infrastructure sites, the significance of advanced access control solutions cannot be overstated. Matrix offers a state-of-the-art, high-end biometric door access control system equipped with cutting-edge features.

These features, including First-In User, 2-Person Rule, Dead-man Zone, Anti-Passback, and Man-Trap, provide an additional layer of security specifically designed to protect sensitive areas. With Matrix’s advanced access control solution, organizations can confidently safeguard their critical infrastructure sites, mitigating potential risks and ensuring unparalleled security.

Trust Matrix to deliver professional-grade access control solutions that surpass expectations and provide comprehensive protection for your most valuable assets.

Experience comprehensive and programmable alerts and notifications with Matrix Access Control solution. Stay informed about entry-exit events, access violations, exceptions, and device failures in real-time. With notifications delivered through emails and SMS, security personnel can quickly respond to security violations and exceptions, ensuring a proactive approach to maintaining a secure environment.

Matrix enables swift action and timely intervention, enhancing overall security and minimizing potential risks. Trust Matrix for a robust alert and notification system that keeps you informed and enables quick response to security incidents.

Matrix Access Control solution offers organizations a robust event logging capability, capable of storing up to 500,000 entry/exit events. With convenient options to view and download events, organizations can easily access and analyze the data for insights and auditing purposes.

The system provides both automatic and manual backup options, ensuring the safety and preservation of critical event information. Backup and restore functionalities enable organizations to recover data in case of any loss or system failure. Matrix supports backup over FTP, facilitating seamless and secure data transfer. Enjoy easy and quick analysis of events, while maintaining the utmost security and integrity of valuable event data.

Matrix Access Control solution offers an industry-standard Wiegand interface, allowing seamless integration with third-party readers. For new installations, organizations have the flexibility to choose their preferred third-party readers, ensuring compatibility and customization. Upgrades and expansion become cost-effective as existing readers can be reused, protecting the initial investment.

With Matrix, organizations enjoy the flexibility to deploy various credentials such as cards, fingerprint, and mobile, without the need to change cards or re-enroll users. The system allows for the coexistence of third-party and Matrix readers, facilitating smooth migration to Matrix Access Control Solution for enhanced security and operational efficiency.