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The success of any data centre hinges on the secure management of sensitive data from multiple clients. To mitigate unauthorized access, Matrix Access Control Solution for Data Centre implements biometric security for data racks. Only authorized personnel can access specific racks within a designated time, verified through rigorous biometrics. Every access instance is recorded, including duration, enhancing accountability and traceability. These stringent measures act as a deterrent against security breaches, bolstering data centre protection.

Available as an on-premise as well as an on-cloud solution, this solution ensures professional, reliable, and efficient safeguarding of sensitive information. It instills client confidence by demonstrating a strong commitment to data security and privacy. With Matrix, data centres attain the highest access control standards, fostering trust and bolstering reputation. By adopting this solution, data centres gain an edge in securely managing clients’ data. Matrix Access Control Solution for Data Centres empower data centres with robust access control measures, preserving the integrity and confidentiality of vital information.

Matrix prioritizes data centre security through user-wise rack access. By presenting biometric credentials, users gain entry to their designated zones, ensuring stringent authentication. Upon successful identification, a computer screen displays the accessible racks for selection. Access is granted solely to the chosen rack, for a defined period.

This meticulous approach guarantees optimal security, preventing unauthorized access and protecting sensitive data within the data centre. Matrix’s professional solution offers seamless biometric authentication, enhancing data centre integrity and instilling confidence in clients. Experience the power of user-centric rack access control with Matrix, elevating data centre security to new heights.

Matrix Access Control solution is designed on an open platform, facilitating seamless integration with Third Party hardware such as Fire Alarm and Video Surveillance systems. This integration becomes critical during emergency situations like fires, ensuring the safe evacuation of individuals from the premises. By connecting the Fire Alarm and Video Surveillance systems, any fire alarm activation triggers the immediate opening of all doors while initiating camera recording.

Furthermore, in cases of unauthorized access, having visual evidence through recorded images proves invaluable for data centres. Matrix Access Control solution offers enhanced safety and security by seamlessly integrating with external systems, empowering data centres with comprehensive incident management capabilities.

Experience comprehensive and programmable alerts and notifications with Matrix Access Control solution. Stay informed about entry-exit events, access violations, exceptions, and device failures in real time. With notifications delivered through emails and SMS, security personnel can quickly respond to security violations and exceptions, ensuring a proactive approach to maintaining a secure environment.

Matrix enables swift action and timely intervention, enhancing overall security and minimizing potential risks. Trust Matrix for a robust alert and notification system that keeps you informed and enables quick response to security incidents.